Like any good recipe, the cultures of our departments are only as good as the ingredients we put into them.  We have assembled sixteen nationally recognized speakers to talk about those ingredients over 4 days!  Join us for this Zoom based webinar and make the most out of your lock down as we talk everything from training to running the department! 


$10 donation per day will be split between the Firefighter Cancer Support Network and Association of Memorial Stair Climbs.  

*Note: Due to zoom time restrictions, you must register for EACH day separately.*

  See links below

Day 1

Jim McCormack

John Spera

Josh Creamer

Jake Hoffman


Day 2

Ben Martin

Tommy Goran

Jesse Quinalty

John Lightly

Day 3

Sean Eagen

Sean Duffy

Dennis Legear

Julio Ramos

Day 4

Scott Hewlett

Dave LeBlanc

Dennis Doan

Marc Aloan