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Delivered in formats as brief as 1 hour or as in depth as 4 hours, this course addresses the largest gap of fire service development; initial certification to first promotion.  The fire service has become overly focused on educating current and prospective officers and chiefs on leadership, yet has failed to prepare our newest, most influential members how to survive our firehouses once they join a company and what to expect during their transition from probation to promotion.  The goal of this program is to groom our future leaders to be successful contributors and followers first.  This course is centered around followership, enthusiasm, early appreciation of fundamental skills, and enjoying the unique perspective and rewards that can only be enjoyed as a junior member.


The target audience of this class is members with 5 years or less on the job and those who may not have been given the tools to succeed as junior members when they entered the fire service.  Officers and chiefs could also benefit from this course as it may provide strategies for establishing a more appropriate professional development program for the junior ranks of their departments.  The course is made for those who occupy ranks or positions which traditionally require great followership and demonstrate its use for preparing for future roles in leadership.  It also expands on how junior members can use accountability as a means to display leadership traits and guide their crew.

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