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As adequate staffing continues to become more of a fantasy than a reality, the modern company officer is asked to wear many hats ranging from tailboard firefighter to command level officer.  With course lengths from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, this class aims to empower and encourage company officers battling the realities of limited manpower armed only with strategies found in formal training and education designed for staffing models that are no longer realistic for the average fire department.  With a strong company officer often being the difference between failure and success on the fireground, we must reconsider what we are asking of our company officers and how they carry out their duties.  We will break down how to balance firemanship and leadership to overcome the challenges facing short-staffed company officers who routinely operate as members of crews with 3 or less personnel.  We will discuss how to adapt leadership and managerial responsibilities in low staffing environments, the delicate balance of mentor and boss, proper approaches to delegation, the importance of humility, and strategies for accomplishing mission critical tasks early in the incident without the manpower to do so.  By bridging personal and departmental expectations with the realities of limited manpower, current and aspiring company officers will leave with the tools and attitudes necessary to lead their teams to victory lane.

The target audience is current and aspiring fire officers who routinely operate as members of crews with 3 or less personnel.  Executive levels fire officers will also benefit from this class as they create and maintain realistic expectations for company officers leading members in low staffing environments.  Both volunteer and career members will find the realities of the short-staffed company officer relevant to their firegrounds and develop strategies for leading operational teams on them.  This course aims to energize and inspire company officers who feel defeated by struggling to meet the mandates of formal leadership training without the manpower to do so.  Any member looking for strategies to elevate their company regardless of size will benefit from this course, especially those who typically operate with low staffing.

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