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Building a Tradition of Passion

The flagship of the TFI programs, Building a Tradition of Passion is the starting point for developing cultures and traditions which breed enthusiasm, boost morale, and produce generation after generation of passionate firefighters.

Probie to Promotee: The Missing Link of Professional Development

The most forgotten element of building strong departments with motivated members is establishing high standards and expectations early in a career.  Probie to Promotee is designed to guide and empower junior members of any department to a successful fire service career. 

The Hat Dance: Realities of the Short-Staffed CO

As adequate staffing continues to become more of a fantasy than a reality for many departments, the modern company officer is asked to wear many hats ranging from tailboard firefighter to command level officer. The Hat Dance breaks down how to balance firemanship and leadership to overcome the challenges facing company officers who routinely operate as members of crews with 3 or less personnel. 

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