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Delivered in formats as brief as 1 hour or as in depth as 4 hours, this course is all about bringing passion back to our firehouses and its importance to morale and teamwork. It is designed for firefighters of all ranks and experience levels with a focus on the role of the Company Officer. The course is built around the core values of passion, dedication, and accountability. Building a Tradition of Passion is derived from my personal love for the job as well as my experience, professional interactions, social media interactions, and research. Topics discussed include cultivating enthusiasm, the calling of the fire service, traditional roles and responsibilities, channeling emotion, setting expectations, leadership, followership, accountability, humility, polarization, realistic goals, training considerations, and strategies for improving morale. The goal of the course is to make passionate firefighters the norm rather than the exception. Students will leave this class inspired to start building their own tradition today!


The target audience of this class is new and aspiring fire officers as they have best opportunity to develop subordinates and institute passion in their daily operations and routine.  All levels of the fire service would benefit from this class as it is more about a way of life in the fire service rather than a specific position, title, or rank.  The course is relevant to all ranks in that is serves as a motivational source of returning passion to our presence in our firehouses.  The course discusses how enthusiasm and motivation impact every position in the firehouse as well as how each rank can exercise and share their passion while still maintaining the traditional chain of command.  If we can make it "cool" to love the job again, then greatness will surely follow.  It is time that the voice of the majority is louder than the minority!

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