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A few facts about the page, how it started, and the logos.


The Fire Inside is a growing community of firefighters who are committed to preserving the calling of the fire service by restoring the core values of passion, dedication, and accountability in the traditions and cultures of our firehouses.  The message is simple; love the job!

What started as a social media venture to provide daily inspiration to those who had either lost their motivation, or been put down for it, has grown into a network of passionate individuals who are working to restore the calling of our craft.  In addition to the online presence, which is the core of the mission, The Fire Inside also offers classes focused on resurrecting the luster of passion in our firehouses at all levels.

The Kool-Aid man has a little history behind his presence as well. The reference of the Kool-Aid dates back to the mass cult suicide led by Jim Jones in the late ‘70’s after over 900 of his followers perished after drinking Kool-Aid laced with cyanide! The metaphor is based around the philosophy that we shouldn’t just be mindlessly brainwashed into following someone or something because everyone else is doing it or forced into following unacceptable practices based out of peer pressure or fear. I don’t think I have to further explain how that metaphor ties into the fire service, because unfortunately is does all too easily.

I first saw this phrase on a sticker someone had on a notebook during a leadership retreat. After years of trying to locate one unsuccessfully, I decided to recreate it for The Fire Inside. Doing so led me to the original creator who left the job due to PTSD. He gracefully allowed me to continue using the design after hearing the values of The Fire Inside and asking me to donate some of the proceeds to charity. That is why 20% of all merchandise sales go to Save A Warrior in honor of his struggles with PTSD!

TFI Logo.png

Every now and then I get asked about the significance of the TFI logo. So, here is the story behind it…

The shape is a take on a Maltese cross mixed with the symbol for radioactivity because passion in the fire service is often treated as such and I wanted it to stand out and be different like me. The phoenix represents the rebirth of passion and the calling of the fire service. The colors have to do with my upbringing in the fire service which was in departments with red and safety yellow fire engines. The heart of the phoenix took that theme a little further and is safety yellow so it stands out and reminds me where my passion comes from. The core values of the page are what I feel are the most important components of morale in any department. Finally, I just think it looks cool!

So, if you were ever curious, now you know!